Ear Surgery(Otoplasty) Madison Wisconsin

Ear surgery is commonly performed to reduce oversized ears, correct misshapen or poorly formed ears, or pin large or protruding ears closer to the head. Of these procedures, ear pinning – or otoplasty – is the most frequently performed surgery.

Although this is the only cosmetic surgical procedure routinely performed on children from as young as 5 years old, it can be performed on adult patients as well. During otoplasty, Dr. Clifford King removes excess cartilage through a subtle incision made behind the ear. He then reshapes the remaining cartilage and "pins" it into place. After the ear has healed, it will permanently retain its new shape, which will be more proportionate to the patient’s other facial features. For many patients, otoplasty results not only in a more pleasing appearance but also in a dramatic increase in self-esteem.

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