Brow Lift Surgery

In addition to face lift surgery, we also offer the option of brow lift surgery at our Madison, Wisconsin practice. A brow lift improves the appearance of the forehead by smoothing out wrinkles, furrows, and frown lines that have formed over time. The effects of a brow lift can be dramatic, making the patient look significantly younger, healthier, and better rested.

We offer two types of brow lift at our Madison, Wisconsin cosmetic surgery practice. In a basic brow lift, an incision is first made above the hairline to avoid visible scarring. Dr. Clifford King then removes the excess tissue and muscle that make the brow sag and lifts and tightens the skin. An endoscopic brow lift is less invasive and therefore a popular choice among younger patients who simply wish to make subtle refinements to their skin. An endoscopic brow lift involves the insertion of an extremely small camera (an endoscope) below the skin. This camera allows Dr. King to target and treat specific muscles with extreme precision, which results in smoother, healthier looking skin with minimal to no scarring.

To learn more about how you might benefit from a brow lift, please contact the Madison, Wisconsin office of Dr. Clifford King today.